Hype Deals Cap

Hype Deals Cap

Be the 1 out of 250 entries to WIN!

(or purchase more to up your chances)

Buy the Hype Deals Cap and stand chance to win a prize worth ±R15k!

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Hype Deals Cap
  • 210 of 250 Entries Available! 16% 16%

The Product

Hype Deals Cap

Wow. A cap with our Logo on it! Even better, we called it the "Hype Deals Cap". As you can tell, we are quite the creatives - some may say creative geniuses...Okay enough hate, the cap looks dope. Its plain, simple, black, adjustable and buying one lets you donate to charity and stand a chance to WIN. So go ahead...buy it.

Paid Weekend Away

To be completely honest, we were pondering about what the prize should be for this pot and we just couldn't decide on one. So we came up with the brilliant idea of letting you choose what the pot should be. (Yeah, if you were wondering, we did decide to pass on some of the work to you)

So the votes are in and the Hype Tribe has spoken. Buying this deal gives you the chance to win a luxury weekend away. Live life lavishly with a friend, partner, bae or even side-bae (we don't judge) for 2 nights. Flights and luxury accommodation included and we'll even throw in a little moola for you to spend over the weekend. Sound good? Yeah, we think so too! 

PS, a portion of this pot does also get donated to charity, see below.

Hype Deals Cap

More About our Partner

Here's some copy & paste action for you, because we believe in efficiency and this has already been explained before:


Summary for you lazy poops:

  • Limited and exclusive fashion items
  • Stand a chance to win BIG with every purchase
  • Donate to charity and embrace your inner millennial (even if you’re old).



If you haven't read so already (you lazy slice of toast) then you should know that a portion of every purchase gets donated to charity. So that means if you were doubting buying this product for its dope design or the prize, then you should buy it to support this round's charity...otherwise, we'll just have to label you as a donator-hater. 

This rounds Donation Goal:


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Get it Now

Either you skipped all the way to the bottom or you just really like reading everything - in which case, why haven't you bought already?
Here's a summary in case you forgot...Every purchase enters you into a draw to win the prize linked to the product AND a portion of your purchase gets donated to charity. Simple right? 


Hype Deals Cap

Buy the Hype Deals Cap and stand chance to win a prize worth ±R15k!

In stock

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