Hype Deals Hoodie

Hype Deals Hoodie

Be the 1 out of 1500 entries to WIN!

(or purchase more to up your chances)

Buy our original Hype Deals hoodie and stand a chance to win an exotic car from Millstock Cars!

Hype Deals Hoodie
  • 1185 of 1500 Entries Available! 21% 21%

The Product

Hype Deals Hoodie

If you're going to be driving an exclusive car you might as well be wearing some exclusive gear. Our Hype Deals Hoodie will definitely keep you warm in your ice cold ride...and if you don't win the ride, well then there's always next round, but at least you'll be the one of the first to be rocking our limited Hype merch! 

Win a Dream Car

Is there even a need to explain why you should get this deal? You buy a hoodie...A HOODIE...and stand chance to win a WHOLE car? Of course, we wouldn't give you a piece of a car but you know what we mean.

It's really that simple and really that easy. No strings, just an ice cold deal for an ice cold ride (with a hoodie to help you deal with the chill) and as always, a portion of the purchase goes to charity to perhaps warm up someone else's life too.

More About our Partner

Millstock Cars reputation speaks for itself, with 66% of clients being return customers. Why is that, you may ask? Firstly, our experienced sales staff will go that extra mile to get a deal done that excites both us and you, like making sure that you get what you need for your trade-in and making the figures work. Secondly, we hold your hand throughout the whole process making it a seamless, painless and fun exercise. What’s more, we pride ourselves on our 5 Star after sales service.


If you haven't read so already (you lazy slice of toast) then you should know that a portion of every purchase gets donated to charity. So that means if you were doubting buying this product for its dope design or the prize, then you should buy it to support this round's charity...otherwise, we'll just have to label you as a donator-hater. 

This rounds Donation Goal:


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Either you skipped all the way to the bottom or you just really like reading everything - in which case, why haven't you bought already?
Here's a summary in case you forgot...Every purchase enters you into a draw to win the prize linked to the product AND a portion of your purchase gets donated to charity. Simple right?


Hype Deals Hoodie

Buy our original Hype Deals hoodie and stand a chance to win an exotic car from Millstock Cars!

Measuring Guide

Size Guide

Wear your favourite fitting hoodie & follow the measuring guide above this guide, before looking at the size guide, to find the best fit for you.

1/2 Chest cm45485154
1/2 Hem cm39424548
CBL cm58.56163.566
Sleeve cm79818385

Please Note:
It is very important that these measurements are taken as we rely on minimal returns due to sizing issues as much as possible, in order to meet our goal of donating.

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