Mountain Goat Challenge T

Mountain Goat Challenge T

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Buy an exclusive Mountain Goat Challenge T and stand a chance to win an iPhone XR!

Mountain Goat Challenge T
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The Product

Mountain Goat Challenge T

Imagine looking so fly while supporting a charity. This T was created in collaboration with The Mountain Goat Challenge. They are 1 of 2 of our charities for the first round. There's not much to say other than we've never seen such a fabulous looking goat on a blue T. Even though we modelled it with a dude, this T can be worn by anyone really, so give it a buy and support the cause!

Win an iPhone XS

Ah, Apple. We hate that you love them. No really, we hate that YOU love them because Android is just better. I guess if that was true we wouldn't be giving away an iPhone XS, but we are, so Android stinks for this round.

Whichever side you stand on, who wouldn't want to WIN a flagship phone? I mean, it's worth a lot so is there even a need for more convincing? Well, its got some of the best specs in the game right now meaning your selfie game will be taken to next level (because apparently, selfies are all that matter these days) so give it a buy and support a good cause in the process.

Mountain Goat Challenge T

More About our Partner

The Mountain Goat Challenge was started in 2017 in an effort to raise money for the amazing Dee Harris who was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Cancer which then metastasized into her throat, stomach, kidneys, lungs and back.

The amazing Mountain Goats decided to do a grueling 4 peak challenge on 18 February 2017 to raise money for the Harris family to cover all their medical bills. The team hiked for 16 hours and covered Devils Peak, Platteklip, India Venster, Lions Head and KasteelsPoort. The day was a massive success with the team raising R260 000.00

In November of 2017, the amazing Dee Harris lost her life to cancer and her legacy is now living on through this amazing challenge and helping the nurses who give so happily to others.


If you haven't read so already (you lazy slice of toast) then you should know that a portion of every purchase gets donated to charity. So that means if you were doubting buying this product for its dope design or the prize, then you should buy it to support this round's charity...otherwise, we'll just have to label you as a donator-hater. 

This rounds Donation Goal:


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Either you skipped all the way to the bottom or you just really like reading everything - in which case, why haven't you bought already?
Here's a summary in case you forgot...Every purchase enters you into a draw to win the prize linked to the product AND a portion of your purchase gets donated to charity. Simple right?


Mountain Goat Challenge T

Buy an exclusive Mountain Goat Challenge T and stand a chance to win an iPhone XR!

Measuring Guide

Size Guide

Wear your favourite fitting T-shirt & follow the measuring guide above this guide, before looking at the size guide, to find the best fit for you.

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1/2 Hem cm32343638
CBL cm54565860

Please Note:
It is very important that these measurements are taken as we rely on minimal returns due to sizing issues as much as possible, in order to meet our goal of donating.

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