Rushtush T

Rushtush T

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Get your LIMITED Rushtush T and stand a chance to win a dream trip overseas!

Rushtush T
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The Product

Rushtush T

Damn. If we'd ever want to wear a face on a T, it would definitely be this one. Luckily for you, you can! We've collaborated with Rushtush to bring you some of her GLOW on a white T. We've also partnered with an amazing NGO called Mummies4Mummies, 1 of 2 of our charities for the first round, and we'll be donating a portion of your purchase to help their cause. Get buying!

Win a Dream Trip

Are you one of those people who rock fashion items with trendy french words on them? If you are, you better start brushing up on those one-liners because the winner of this deal gets a trip (FOR 2) to Paris, including accommodation. If you're not then you get to win this too, but you're just not that trendy.

Get those Instagram captions ready, because you're going to want to post and brag as much as you can if you win this one. Even better, you'll get an exclusive meet and greet with the one and only a mirror...while you're wearing your T. (Its a joke, you'll be talking to yourself in a mirror in Paris with this fly T on...She's not actually going to be there).

Jokes aside, buying this deal also goes a long way in helping out Mummies4Mummies so if you're not convinced about the trip, then this cause should definitely be convincing enough.

Rushtush T

More About our Partner

Rushda is a 33 year old mommy, personal trainer and gym owner of a ladies only private studio, Glow, in Cape Town. Rushda built and grew her global Glow Community through online coaching via her digital products. She helps women and families worldwide, changing lives through her Glow Guides (ebooks). She plans on launching her fitness app this year and extending her product offering digitally. She defines female empowerment and is an embodiment of strength.


If you haven't read so already (you lazy slice of toast) then you should know that a portion of every purchase gets donated to charity. So that means if you were doubting buying this product for its dope design or the prize, then you should buy it to support this round's charity...otherwise, we'll just have to label you as a donator-hater. 

This rounds Donation Goal:


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Either you skipped all the way to the bottom or you just really like reading everything - in which case, why haven't you bought already?
Here's a summary in case you forgot...Every purchase enters you into a draw to win the prize linked to the product AND a portion of your purchase gets donated to charity. Simple right?


Rushtush T

Get your LIMITED Rushtush T and stand a chance to win a dream trip overseas!

Measuring Guide

Size Guide

Wear your favourite fitting T-shirt & follow the measuring guide above this guide, before looking at the size guide, to find the best fit for you.

1/2 Chest cm32343638
1/2 Hem cm32343638
CBL cm54565860

Please Note:
It is very important that these measurements are taken as we rely on minimal returns due to sizing issues as much as possible, in order to meet our goal of donating.

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